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Covid-19: Peru

General measures; free-use inventions; online registration and digital certificates (trademarks and intellectual property) General measures Period of social isolation Peru is in a state of emergency and compulsory social isolation from March 16 to April 26, 2020[1]. Bonds issued by the Peruvian government Due to this exceptional situation, the government has granted a bonus ... Read More


Information adapted from the Technological Report – INDECOPI 2020 Title Abstract Bibliographic Information Figure Disinfectant based on natural compounds and its elaboration process The invention relates to a disinfectant whose composition comprises: a) a vegetable fraction made up of essential oil from eucalyptus leaves, citric acid from grapefruit and acetic acid from grape; b) organic acids ... Read More


Abstract: By Legislative Decree N° 1309 the Executive issued a series of modifications to Legislative Decree N° 1075, in particular, trade name regulation. Through the modification of article 84, means of proof are now being regulated in order to demostrate the first use of the trade name. The protection of ... Read More


Abstract: By Resolution N° 2076-2016/TPI-INDECOPI the Intellectual Property Administrative Chamber (hereinafter, the Chamber) issues a new precedent of mandatory compliance about Trademark Parcial Cancellation. Now, the prove of use of products or services that are not specifically detailed in the trademark registration but belong to a genre must have a ... Read More


Abstract: By Resolution N° 4665-2014/TPI-INDECOPI the Intellectual Property Administrative Court (hereinafter, the Trademark Authority) issues a new precedent of mandatory compliance about Trademark Coexistence Agreement. Now, it should contain certain minimum conditions so it can be accepted by the authority provided that it serves the purpose of the agreement. By Resolution ... Read More
December 27, 2016Unión Andina de Patentes