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Welcome to Unión Andina de Patentes

Your solution in Latin America since 1993

IP Strategy

Intellectual Property is a tool to develop and allow companies to reach a competitive sustainable advantage among their competitores. Furthemore, we know that once Intellectual Property is alligned to a business vision it can contribute to a meaningful Corporate profit generation.


For more than 25 years we have been advising and filing IP portfolios in Latin America for different range of companies including SMEs and transnational enterprises. We are proud of our expertise and grateful to continue provinding top tier patent and trademark services to our clients in different jurisdictions.

Enforcement and litigation

IP assets must sustain their value with different strategies and one of them is to use the right legal tool for enforcement. We have the expertise to apply and manage IP rights succesfully in order to exclude third parties infringement actions before the Patent and Trademark Office and the Judicial System.

IP Maintenance

  • Renewals
  • Annuities
  • Trademark Watch

Modification acts and licenses

We provide a comprehensive service for modifications acts such as transfers, licenses, changes of name and address or mergers. For each one of these aspects we review the current registry of the IP asset and counsel for the proper legal route which may include drafting and preparation of contracts.

Why Choose Us?

Union Andina de Patentes was founded back in 1993 as an organization of intellectual property attorneys.

Our goal was to create a place that would provide an ultimate solution to companies in need of an international plan of intellectual property protection. This implies unifying trademark services, invention patents and other concerns related on a regional level all around Latin America.

Distinctly from other trademark and patent services providers, our business structure allows us to work as a hub organization. This means you won’t have to contact intellectual property attorneys in each country you want to register or protect a creation. You only have to contact us and we will deal with our subsidiaries.

We want to be the best alternative for Intellectual Property legal advice in Latin America.

We offer a legal expertise in the field of Intellectual Property protection in Latin America since 1993, supported by the experience of our team of professionals.

We offer the lowest prices in market.

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