Intellectual Property is a tool to develop and allow companies to reach a competitive sustainable advantage among their competitores. Furthemore, we know that once Intellectual Property is alligned to a business vision it can contribute to a meaningful Corporate profit generation. We contribute to it with the following servicies:

  • Due Diligence: Before acquiring, selling or license IP Rights is of utmost importance to determine the value of IP assets. We provide a comprehensive analysis of IP portfolios combining legal expertise and business analysis within a consumer driven framework.
  • Opinions and Counseling: Consumer Psychology and a deep knowledge of each market sector provide us a unique approach for understanding the impact of each legal decision on IP grounds and particularly on brands. We provide not just legal counseling but most of all a unique integrate business approach in order to deliver value to our clients.
  • Trademark Clearance: It is a pivotal aspect for companies entering to new markets or for product releases associated with new brands to have a deep analysis of the trademark system and to identify roadblocks. We provide a substantial trademark analysis in order to help companies to safely position their brands.
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